What exactly is brunch? As the name itself indicates, it is a combination between breakfast and lunch – in one word, brunch. It starts later than the usual breakfast time, and it can last well up to three o’clock in the afternoon.

We can find the origins of this meal in late 19th century England, when the early breakfast (usually on the weekends after a ball) did not fit the lifestyle of the aristocrats. The dishes were traditionally served buffet style, for no one could predict what time the masters would prefer coming down for their breakfast-lunch. Brunch reached the peak of its popularity in 1930s, when Art Deco and Great Gatsby era was in full bloom in America. What is traditionally on the brunch menu?

First and foremost, any self-respecting brunch-serving location will serve you the classic mimosa – a champagne and orange juice cocktail. Tea and coffee are a must, regardless where you are having your late breakfast. The variety of the dishes served will differ, depending on the country. One thing you can rely on – eggs, prepared in more than one way, will be always served in any brunch buffet. Depending on the preferences of the local brunch-goers, the buffet may have eggs Benedict, different omelettes, or classic egg dishes, served both traditionally or with a twist.

Usually the buffet has many other breakfast classics as well – different breads and pastries, waffles, pancakes, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and meats. Whatever foods go beyond the breakfast classics are entirely up to the chef – this addition to the buffet depends on the creativity of the chef, local customs and guests’ wishes. When you are going out for late breakfast or brunch, leave room for the possibility that the restaurant might surprise you with something completely unexpected – enjoy it!

Feb 3, 2016