Ginta Siceva is the designer for the fashion accessory company Ginta Ltd. She is known for designing and creating magnificent evening bags and a variety of accessories, such as scarves, shoes, gloves, headpieces and necklaces. By combining both old and new craft techniques in the production of her work, Ginta creates unusual, unique and detailed designs that emphasize individuality, creativity and quality of craftsmanship.

Ginta’s designs embody her love of decorations, attention to details and “back to the craft values” attitude. The process of creating the designs is the soul of the team – the designer and craftspeople work under the same roof, producing all designs by hand. History, tradition, experience and return to the roots – all of these elements come to enjoy a new appreciation as they are combined in a manner that seems perfectly natural, yet innovative and modern. Ginta Ltd. is pro animal rights, and uses faux leather for her designs.

The designer grew up in Riga (capital of Latvia), where handcrafted skills are a significant part of the national heritage and tradition, and are passed down from generation to generation. At the age of 10 she discovered interest in leather craft and started studying at a local craft school, acquiring basic knowledge and skills in creating small leather items. When she was 12, she was accepted in the North Riga School of Art, where she learned more on leather craft – from book-binding, photo album cover making and small, decorative chest making to designing and making leather clothing, bags and belts. After graduating high school at the age of 18, she was determined to conquer London, where she could develop herself as a designer, improve her skills and learn about the fashion industry.

In 1997, when Ginta was 19, she moved to London and was immediately accepted at the BTEC (foundation) course of Fashion Design and Illustration at the prestigious London College of Fashion. This course only gave her the confirmation that her decision to dedicate herself to work with fashion accessories is the right future direction. Upon the completion of the course, the young designer proceeded with Bachelor of Arts degree course, specializing in Design Technology of Accessories for the Fashion industry at LCF; she graduated with First Class Honours and received the CPL Aromas award for her end-of-year collection – “Art Nouveau”. A one-year intensive footwear course following her studies gave the designer fuller knowledge on accessories. Her last achievement in education was in 2002 – a Master of Arts Fashion Studies degree at LCF, specializing in Design and Technology of Accessories.

As soon as Ginta graduated, she started working with talented and independent womenswear designers, designing and producing haute couture accessory collections for Jeremy Bueno and prêt-a-porter accessory collections for Jacob Kimmie. She has also worked for well-established fashion houses, such as Alexander McQueen and Robinson & Valentine.

Soon enough Ginta decided to establish her own company – Ginta Ltd. Already by February 2007, with the sponsorship of TOPshop, she was exhibiting her accessory collection during London Fashion Week.

There has not been a dull moment in Ginta’s career.

For the last four seasons, she has been working closely with Lexus Group in Japan (which has over one hundred showrooms in Japan).

Her leather jewellery has been used in multiple commercial projects, such as for the promotion of the new Gold line of Russian Standard Vodka, and for the advertising video of French perfume Amouage Honour.

Her accessories have been featured in the romantic comedy “The Knot”, giving the gowns worn by the bride and the bridesmaids a special elegance and charm.

Fashion accessory business has high competition; however, Ginta’s original designs are distinguished by their floral motif lace-like style; the designer follows the philosophy of Art Nouveau – to be an originator not an imitator, an individual and not one in the crowd.


During the Nordic Star festival, Ginta’s designs will be displayed in an exclusive exhibition in Riga, Grand Palace Hotel.

Nov 20, 2015