The excellent and charming chef Kaspars Jansons, just like many other successful Latvian celebrity chefs, started his career with chef Martins Ritins at restaurant Vincents.

Continuing the climb up the ladder of fine dining restaurant industry, the chef has worked at Hotel Bergs restaurant, as well as has trained at some of the world’s best restaurants; world’s best restaurant of 2014 and 3 Michelin star restaurant Noma (Copenhagen), 3 Michelin star restaurant Braiersbronn (Germany) and 2 Michelin star restaurant La Table de Gourmet (Alsace, France) are just a few to name where the chef has improved his skills and knowledge.

After working in Belarus for two years, the chef returned to Latvia. It has been a year since his return, and his mouth-watering meals can be enjoyed at restaurant Muusu (on Skarnu street), where he currently runs the restaurant kitchen. 

Feb 3, 2016