This list, which is rather important to the restaurants of the world, is announced every year on June 1, and the awards are presented during a ceremony that takes place in London Guildhall. Just like USA has Academy Awards that present Oscars for cinematic achievements, the restaurant world, too, has its own Academy that announces World’s 50 Best Restaurants, World’s Best Female Chef, and many other significant nominations and awards.

The Academy constitutes of 1000 renowned members of the restaurant industry – chefs, food critics and writers, as well as other professionals of the industry –, which makes this one of the most important awards among restaurants all across the world. The members of the Academy are divided in 27 regions, and each member evaluates 7 restaurants both in the assigned region and outside of it. All restaurants can qualify for the list, and previous awards or fame is not a requirement; the only stipulation is that the restaurant is open when the list is announced.

Chefs are awarded individually, not jointly with the restaurant list. All reviews and ratings are assessed and compiled by international auditing company Delloite. El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, Spain) was named as The World’s Best Restaurant 2015; Hélène Darroze was awarded as the World’s Best Female Chef 2015.

Feb 2, 2016